Behind the scenes :

The backstage of production 

Discover the backstage of the long and meticulous manufacturing process of our watches, and learn more about our partners.


Made to last

At Amalys, we commit to offer you timeless creations at the right price, designed to last through time.
From the first design sketch to the moment your watch features on your wrist, we pay special attention to the selection of raw materials and production partners that share our care for ethics. We constantly raise our standards to offer you products made to last.

We constantly raise our standards to offer you products made to last.


Patience and attention to details

Our designs and collections are born in the earth of Europe, Brussels. We look for different sources of inspiration that we try to represent in each of our products. From a simple idea to the first sketch, from the technical drawing to the creation of the mould which will serve the prototype: the creation of a model is a long and meticulous work.
Each new collection requires more than one year of development, the time we need to offer you the best at the fairest price.

Each element and component is carefully selected: the size, the thickness of the case, the type of movement, the material of the bracelet, etc. For each one, we always select the best quality: the most durable stainless steel to make your watch withstand the shocks of everyday life, a watch movement developed by a world leader in the watchmaking industry (Seiko – Japan), Italian leather straps,… Our goal will always be to offer you watches of impeccable quality.

Each new collection requires more than one year of development, the time we need to offer you the best quality at the fairest price.


A transparent approach

Assembling a watch is a complex process that requires the greatest know-how. Due to the technical nature of the product, this know-how can only be found in a few countries around the world, the main ones being China and Switzerland, which account for more than 96% of the total production of watches worldwide. Switzerland alone accounts for only 2.6% of world production.

As the sector has been extremely professionalized over the past 30 years, it is now possible to find a trusted partner in China that shares a real sense of ethics. A partner who cares about the working conditions of his employees and who respects the highest quality standards. In fact, many factories in China today offer better working conditions than some factories across Europe, you just have to look for the best ones.

Our watch manufacturer

Location:   Hong-Kong & Shenzhen
Know-how:   Manufacturer established in 2005
Workshop manager:   Debby
Date of the first collaboration:   2017 (birth of Amalys)

A trusted partner

That’s what we did at Amalys: we work with David, a European who moved to China in 2001, where he launched his company in 2005. Today, he works with world-renowned brands for the quality of their products and their respect for human and ethical values.
We visited nearly 20 different factories before making this choice: we are now convinced that we have found a long term partner.

We regularly visit David’s factory and work with his team on a daily basis to create quality watches in the best possible conditions. Today we are pleased to have built a trustfull relationship with them, which goes beyond a simple business partnership.

Some information about our partner:

- Established in
:   2005
- Factory in Shenzhen   -   Offices and logistic in Hong-Kong
- Team:   150 employees and workers
- Working hours:   8h30am-12h30pm et 2pm-6pm
- Training/Worker qualification:   Workers receive continuous training on health, safety and new manufacturing techniques
- Wages: Employees and workers are paid fairly and in accordance with Chinese labour laws and local regulations
- Key factOur manufacturer commits to ensure young moms receive at least 178 days of maternity leave

On average, quality control represents at least 50% of the time needed to produce a watch.


A rigour at each stage

Our workshops combine real craftsmanship with high-tech equipment. The expertise of each worker is essential, each step requires an extreme precision and meticulousness. Our factory includes a laboratory where many quality tests are carried out to ensure the quality of each of our watches and components.

For example, straps are tested for traction, torsion, friction, artificial sweat, or UV light. On average, quality control represents at least 50% of the time we need to assemble a watch. Also, the working environment is completely sealed: the atmosphere is dust free.