Behind Amalys:

More than a product, a message

At Amalys, we want to offer you more than a quality product,  we want to also deliver a positive message. Find out more about our commitments.


A clear message

We believe that a brand should do more than designing beautiful products: it carries an ethical responsibility to share a positive message and human values that will resonate to its audience.

Amalys comes from a Greek name representing ambitious and passionate women. At Amalys, we choose to support and encourage women throughout the world to achieve their ambitions on a daily basis, to fight for their dreams.

At Amalys, we choose to support and encourage women throughout the world to achieve their ambitions on a daily basis, to fight for their dreams.


Our support to UN Women

That’s why we’ve decided to support UN Women, the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and women empowerment. The role of UN Women in today's world is crucial, as it highlights and fights against the too many inequalities that millions of women experience every day. We wanted to support a organization with global influence, representative of the diversity of our clients around the world.

More than just words, we commit to donate a percentage of our profit each year in order to support their actions around the globe. It is still a meager participation for a young company like ours, yet it is important to us to put in place an ethical approach at the center of the development of our brand.

UN Women’s 4 strategic priorities are the following:

- Women lead, participate in and benefit equally from governance systems
- Women have income security, decent work and economic autonomy
- All women and girls live a life free from all forms of violence 
- Women and girls contribute to and have greater influence in building sustainable peace and resilience, and benefit equally from the prevention of natural disasters and conflicts and humanitarian action 

--> Discover more about their specific actions around the globe here.

Together for a bigger impact

We also encourage you to support UN Women with a monthly donation, each gesture can make a difference.
Go here and discover the concrete impact you can have by supporting them.