A name of ancient Greek heritage - a name that ­embodies the ­ambitious, passionate woman of today.

At Amalys, we celebrate the fearless women of today who passionately live every aspect of their life.
Find out here how we reflect our values ​​through our production process, our ethics and our “Women Who Dare” campaign.

Our universe

Welcome to Amalys, a world of refinement and feminine elegance, where classic design meets modernity in style. By combining timeless and contemporary influences, we create detailed crafted timepieces for the modern women of ­today, chasing their dreams and striving to ­accomplish themselves on a daily basis.

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Our ethics

We believe that a brand should do more than designing beautiful products: that is why we support UN Women.  Discover more about their specific actions around the globe here.

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Our transparency

Discover the backstage of the long and meticulous manufacturing process of our watches, and learn more about our partners.

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Women who dare

Get inspired by reading today's women' stories, chasing their dreams and fighting to change the world in their own way.

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