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Each of our collections is named after an inspiring woman: we draw on their journey or their time various elements that shape our watch designs.

Discover these women who inspired us by their dreams, their actions and their fight to change the world in their own way.

Joséphine Baker - The Collection Baker

Joséphine Baker, known for her musical and artistic talent, remains above all one of the biggest feminist icon and civil rights activist of this time. Find out how this woman inspired when designing the Baker Collection.

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Audrey Hepburn - The Hepburn Collection

Icon of the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn is an American actress who also stood out as a tireless humanitarian. Find out how this icon inspired us to design the Hepburn Collection.

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Grace Kelly - The Kelly Collection

From Hollywood actress to Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly is also known for her refined elegance and her various humanitarian commitments. Her love of pearls inspired the conception of the Kelly Collection.

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Rosa Parks - The Parks Collection

Our inspiration for our first collection: Rosa Parks, a singular woman who became a symbol of resistance to racial segregation. Find out how this icon of courage, dignity and determination inspired us for the Parks Collection.

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Jane Birkin - The Jane Collection

Icon of the 70s, Jane Birkin is known for her musical career as well as her humanitarian and environmental commitments. Find out how we were inspired by this woman and her vintage universe when we designed the Jane Collection.

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Jackie Kennedy - The Jackie Collection

First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy is a symbol of elegance and refinement who contributed to blow a wind of freedom through the wardrobe of the women of her time. Her chic and effortless style inspired us to create the Jackie Collection.

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