If today fast fashion is critized, it is not always easy to find eco-responsible alternatives. However many brands tend to turn a more ethical, responsible or eco-friendly manufacturing process. Belgium has no shortage of talent in this area, so here is our selection of responsible Belgian brands!  

1. Orta Store


Aiming to be responsible while being trendy and affordable, Orta Store proves that it is possible to dress with clothes made in Europe at fair and reasonable prices. Created in 2017 by the young entrepreneur Marion, this Belgian brand favors local and smaller scale manufacturing channels thanks to their workshops in France and Portugal. A winning bet for the brand, which offers beautiful pieces made from sustainable materials such as cotton or wool to last over time.

Find their clothes on their website, https://www.orta-store.com/en/.

2. Aroz Jewelry

Responsible and ethical Belgian jewelry, it exists! Aroz is a brand created by two sisters, Laura and Paola. Passionate about jewelry from a very young age, they decided to launch Aroz in 2017. Designed in Belgium and made in Porto from 925 silver and then gilded with 24k fine gold, their delicate jewels already adorn the necks and fingers of thousands of conquered women. Our favorite part is their "second life" service to reduce environmental impact, where the jewelry is given a new shine by dipping it in a bath of 24k gold.

Aroz jewelry can be found on their e-shop, https://arozjewelry.com/en/ , and in their showroom Rue du Tabellion 50, 1050 Ixelles.

3. Bee Nature

The ethical and responsible trend also invites itself into the world of cosmetics. Bee Nature was born as part of Marine André's graduation work. 8 years ago, she decided to embark on the adventure of creating a cosmetic brand developed and produced in Belgium based on organic and fair trade honey. Developing a growing expertise in the field of natural dermocosmetic care, her shampoos, body and face creams, lip care to name a few products are free of endocrine disruptors and essential oils and are intended for the whole family.

Shop their products on their website, https://www.beenature.be/en/ and in various organic stores.

4. Coucou Shop

The action of renting clothes in Belgium grows up in the world and also in Belgium and Coucou Shop is the proof. Launched by two friends Isa and Marie, this Brussels concept offers to rent clothes of different brands at low prices. With Coucou Shop you avoid buying a piece of clothing for a special occasion and leaving it in the closet for the rest of the year. Knowing that a piece of clothing contributes 20 times its weight in greenhouse gases, renting clothes is a good little help for the planet!

Find Isa and Marie in their showroom, Place du Châtelain 23, 1050 Ixelles and information on the rental concept on their website, https://www.coucoushop.be/

5. Mardi Editions

No more clothes that last a season! Mardi Editions is a Belgian brand that promotes slow fashion. Against the current of fast fashion, the brand offers unique pieces in limited quantities, made from natural materials and with a promise of 0% polyester. A modern, ethical, long-lasting and environmentally friendly fashion that has already seduced many women with an elegant style.

More info on their website, https://mardi-editions.com/