At Amalys, we want to promote the women's cause. That's why every month we share with you actions, news, female communities, personalities etc. Here is our selection for this month of October. 

 Présentes of Lauren Bastide

A manifesto written by journalist Lauren Bastide, known for her activism in favor of gender equality in the media.

Released in September 2020, the book "Présentes" questions the place of women in the media, politics and other sectors.

An interesting work, very well documented, easy to read and which allows us to broaden our vision on the women's cause. A book to put in all hands, men and women alike!

To shop it,  

 Hors Norme

Hors Norme is a brand new Belgian community of female entrepreneurs created by Clémence Braun. It includes inspiring young women such as Laura and Paola Sole, the creators of Aroz Jewelry or Emna Everard, the founder of Kazidomi.

Hors Norme's vocation is to exchange every month on various themes, with different personalities, through workshops, conferences and "brainstorm" breakfasts, organized in inspiring locations.

An initiative that we applaud! 


A hashtag to recommend 100% feminine works? This is the case of the hastag #ChooseTheWomen, created following the release of Alice Coffin's essay "Le génie lesbien" in which she celebrates the fundamental contribution of lesbians to feminist struggles and denounces the hegemony of the male.

Indeed, noting that her vision of the world was shaped by the male gaze, the author explains that she no longer consumes male cultural productions, which has led to a wave of harassment but also a hashtag of support, where anyone can recommend female cultural productions.

Through this hashtag you will find many feminine works, enough to fill your shelves until 2021 and support this second quarantine! 

The podcast In Power of Louise Aubery

In Power is a podcast created by Louise Aubery also known under the pseudonym MyBetterSelf. Dealing with the themes of motivation, ambition and inspiration, this weekly podcast welcomes women with an exciting journey to give you a good dose of inspiration.

Our favorite episode, with Megan Vlt, explains how to overcome the symptom of the impostor.

A podcast to take power over your life!

To listen to it, it's here 

Charlotte Abramov 

We want to end our article with a Belgian personality who inspires us a lot, Charlotte Abramov. Photographer, video maker, director, this young prodigy is the one who created Angèle's visual universe.

Together, they have concocted her mischievous and innocent image. The engaged videos they make are full of double meanings, bright colors and winks to Magritte.

Her name is now also associated with the "Sex Education" series, produced by Netflix thanks to the creation of her "Little Manual of Sexual Education". She is not afraid to raise the taboos of sexuality. It talks about bodies but especially about diversity, tolerance and benevolence. And it is not by chance that the subject of consent is addressed from the very first pages.

A personality with committed ideas to be followed very closely!