In honor of International Women's Rights Day, on March 8th, we have decided to donate 100% of our profits to the Handsaway association which fights against sexist and sexual aggression.

Find out more about this feminist association and their campaign "This is not consent"!

The application HandsAway

Born from its founder's desire to be able to be in the public space with peace of mind, the HandsAway project is initially a free mobile application allowing victims and witnesses of sexist and sexual assaults to trigger a geolocalized alert on their cell phone to ask for help.

Thanks to the various movements freeing the voice of victims and the public and political awareness that is taking place, the subject of street harassment and sexist and sexual assaults is becoming a French and European priority.  

In order to improve the accompaniment of the victims and to reinforce the citizen engagement against this violence, HandsAway set up a partnership with Uber allowing the victims to be offered a free ride in VTC to go to file a complaint or to go to a safe place following an aggression.

Find out more on their website https://www.handsaway.en/

"This is not a consent"

We were impressed by their latest campaign "This is not consent" which advocates for women's freedom and reminds us loud and clear that every woman has the right to dress as she wishes. No outfit can justify sexist or sexual assault!

HandsAway called upon Shelby Duncan, an American photographer involved in this campaign. The result? A series of eight strong and shocking images stamped with the phrase "This is not consent". 

A necessary reminder to share urgently!


Did you know?

In France, according to an Ifop study published in November 2018, 86% of women report having suffered at least one form of sexual injury or assault in the street during their lifetime, from staring at them to being raped.

❌13700 French women are daily victims of sexist and sexual assaults in the public space.

❌ When an assault takes place in the presence of witnesses, they do not intervene in 92% of cases!

❌ 42% believe that the responsibility of a rapist is less important if the victim has a provocative attitude. 

❌ 27% believe that the responsibility of a rapist is less important if the victim wore sexy clothes. 

Together we can make a difference against sexist and sexual assault!