Amalys, which comes from the ancient Greek, is a name that embodies the ambitious and passionate woman of today.

We chose this name because we want to address women who are full of projects, who believe in their dreams and do everything to make them come true.

Did you know ?

Each of our collections is created around a feminine personality that has marked her time. We will draw from her background, her era and her style the different elements that will shape the watches in this collection.

For example, the Kelly Collection and its mother-of-pearl dial were inspired by Grace Kelly and her love of pearls, while the wildly retro look of the Jane Collection comes directly from Jane Birkin's inimitable style.

If you want to learn more about the women who have inspired us in each of our collections, click here.

Get inspired !

At Amalys, we celebrate intrepid women who live with passion every aspect of their lives. Whether she is an entrepreneur, an artist, an activist, the Amalys woman is not afraid to pursue her dreams and change the world in her own way.

Each month, we share the story of an inspiring woman and we hope that their stories will inspire you to pursue your dreams and make you want to dare yourself!

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