Launched in November 2017 by Adrien Voisin, Amalys is today considered a benchmark watch brand for shaped watches, due to the diversity of models offered. It is also a company that wants to be ethical by sharing strong feminist values ​​and a real commitment to women. To embark on such an adventure was driven by several reasons, here they are! 

The pursuit of a dream 

Creating his own business has always been a dream for Adrien Voisin, who launched Amalys at the age of 31. Surrounded by entrepreneurs in his group of friends, he wanted to materialize a desire he had for a long time: to build a watch brand offering high quality products that shares ethical values ​​and stands out through its designs.

It all started with an abstract idea that has only grown little by little. After long months of working in the shadows, Amalys was born. Entrepreneurship allows us to control our destiny and enjoy some freedom in our daily life. It can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, but according to Adrien, there is no better professional reward than seeing the real impact of your work.

A difference in a difficult market

The key word in the development of any business is differentiation. We should not try to invent a completely new concept but rather reinforce its differences compared to other brands present on the market.

Adrien has always been passionate about watches and he quickly realized that there were few brands in the "entry-level" segment that offered square and rectangular watches despite a growing demand from many women looking for these types of models, more original and distinguished. The trend was rather towards ultra-thin round watches with a very simple design, it was therefore necessary to stand out by creating a brand that only offered square models when it was launched.

Amalys was thus created and this differentiation made its identity because it is still today the brand which offers the most models of square and rectangular watches in the world. Its offer has evolved a lot since then and many other designs have emerged.