Christmas is fast approaching and you're running out of ideas? Through this selection we help you to find the ideal watch for ambitious and passionate women, whether it is for your sister, your partner, your friend or even for yourself! Browse through our inspiring guide to find the perfect watch!

The colored 

The colorful watch is for the radiant woman, full of joy of life and good mood. Her wardrobe is often filled with color in summer and winter. She loves to combine different colors in her outfit and is not afraid to go off the beaten track. The Adeline watch and its red bracelet will only please her.

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The elegant

An elegant watch for a refined and distinguished style. Loving the beautiful things in life, simple yet always with a neat detail, she has grace and style. The Gaby watch and its delicate color combination: black and gold will match all her outfits, from the most casual to the most formal.

The Gaby watch is this way

The Romantic

Dive into romance with Louise and her pink gold color. Known for its return for a few years, the color pink gold is a symbol of softness, tenderness and femininity. The ideal combo for our woman with a touch of romance.

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The golden

A bright, graceful and confident woman is the perfect profile for the golden Odile watch. Classic and timeless thanks its golden color but with a touch of elegance with its chiseled dial, this watch will accompany her in every moment of her life from work to the evening.

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The minimalist 

Simple and up-to-date. This watch of simple sophistication will elevate a refined wardrobe. Combined with a plain top, white suit pants and a rectilinearly shaped handbag, the watch will perfect this minimalist outfit.

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