The style of the 70's and 80's is back and it's not to displease us! A retro charm that invites itself into our homes with exuberantly patterned furniture but also in our outfits resulting from a retro chic vintage look.

The Vintage trend

Retro has never been so fashionable! The vintage trend is everywhere: shoes, watches, clothes, but also cars or furniture, the trend is growing in 2020.

Vintage is inspired by past fashions often launched by icons. We can quote Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco who seduced us with her elegant and timeless style always adorned with pearls. Jane Birkin is also a symbolic figure of vintage thanks to her symbolic fringe, flare jeans and wicker basket.

If you want to know more about Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin it is here



Retro chic vintage look: a very special style of jewelry 

In the retro style, jewels take a great place in women's outfits. Bracelets and watches adorned the wrists abundantly while hats brought the last touch of elegance.

For a look inspired by the 50's and 60's, pearls are without a doubt a must-have for a timeless retro spirit. Discover the Kelly Collection with mother-of-pearl dial watches.

For a look more inspired by the 70's/80's, the Jane Collection is for you! Inspired by Jane Birkin, these watches with a rectangular shape with broken angles will sublimate your outfits by bringing that vintage side that we all love!

How to find the retro inspiration? 

For inspiration, the Pinterest platform is a treasure chest! Our little tip, don't hesitate to combine several words to find relevant results such as "Vintage Grace Kelly".

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For magazine enthusiasts, the old Elle or Vogue magazines will be sources of inspiration for retro and chic styles.

There are of course the timeless vintage boutiques where we are sure you will find your treasured gem!