The watch has been a fashion accessory for more than 6 centuries. From the simple sundial to the connected watch, this accessory has experienced the breakthrough of progress and fashion, passing through all forms. Back to a very singular shape: the rectangle

Its history

The rectangular shape has always been a sign of refinement and elegance. A modern shape that Cartier innovated with its Alberto Santos-Dumont watch for pilots in 1915. This is the first watch to be placed on the wrist.

Seeing the growing trend, Cartier decided in 1917 to create the Tank, his famous model aimed at a wider public and which seduced thousands of people.

The rectangular watch has been seen on the wrist of Andy Warhol or Jackie Kennedy, for example. 



A timeless shape

Considered vintage, the rectangular shape is making a strong comeback. 

Several brands have adopted it such as Chanel, Miu Miu but also many personalities such as Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston becoming thus, very trendy. 

Amalys and the rectangular shape

Amalys is the market leader in affordable rectangular watches, offering a wide variety of designs and combinations.

We decided to create two collections of rectangular watches with a wide variety of colors and combinations:

The Hepburn collection and the Jackie collection

From the Italian brown strap to the stainless steel bracelet to the green or silver dial, you'll find the perfect watch for your wrist!