Behind the scenes:

Our solidarity program

We are convinced that each company today carries an ethical responsability to share a positive message and to commit to values that they hold dear. This is why we have chosen to donate 5€ for each order to recognized associations that fight for Girls' and Women's rights around the world. In addition, we also donate 10% of our annual profits to these associations.

We donate 5€ for each order and 10% of our annual profits to our three partner associations.


Through this commitment, we want to build a strong and solidary brand. As with our production process, this approach is intended to be as transparent as possible. 

We have therefore chosen to donate 5€ for each order on our website. This allows our customers to know the exact amount that will be donated to our partner associations. In addition, we donate 10% of our annual profits to these three associations.

It's simple, clear and transparent.


We have signed a partnership with three associations which defend the rights of girls and women, gender equality or who care about women's health. 

We support concrete projects of three associations: Think Pink, "Fondation des Femmes" and Plan International. Each of these associations has a special meaning for our team and our clients whom we solicit when choosing the causes we support.

Discover our partner associations and the concrete projects that we support thanks to you.

Think Pink

Think Pink is the Belgian campaign against breast cancer and fights every day for people affected by the disease and their families.

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Plan International

Plan International is a development and humanitarian organisation that fights for children's rights and equality for girls.

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Fondation des Femmes

The "Fondation des Femmes" is the first French fundraising structure dedicated to the fight against violence and for equality between women and men.

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