Why support Plan International?

Plan International is a NGO that defends equality for girls and children's rights around the world.

Since 1937, this association has supported children and young girls towards independence and enables them to change their future. It gives girls the same opportunities as boys: learn at school and get a decent job, lead changes in their society, decide their life and their body and flourish free from violence, from birth to adulthood.

When I was 15, I realized that by law I was old enough to get married. I was angry. Why didn't I have anything to say about my life? Why couldn't I make my own decisions? Girls' voices are not heard. I decided it was high time that changed.

      Memory, 20 years old - Malawi

Why defend girls?

Like Memory, girls everywhere are determined to challenge the stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination that limit their power.

They want to be raised the same as boys and have the same opportunities from a young age. With the support of people seeking change, Plan International advances equality for girls and young women. Because they represent half of the world's population and if they are allowed to develop to their potential, poverty decreases, the environment improves, children are healthier and go to school longer.

Everybody wins.


VIETNAM: child marriage and human trafficking

Being a girl in Vietnam is not easy, let alone one of the country's 53 ethnic minorities. Traditions, poverty, lack of access to information or quality education as well as stereotypes relegate girls from ethnic minorities to the background from birth. As a result, they are more often victims of child marriage and human trafficking. In Vietnam, at least 29.5% of girls from ethnic minorities are married between the ages of 15 and 19.* A problem particularly exacerbated at the Chinese border, where the trafficking of girls for prostitution or forced marriage is quite common. China is in need of women as many parents have preferred to raise a boy under the one-child policy.

*Source : Unicef Vietnam 2014


A digital platform to inform young people

With the Girls Rights Platform, Plan International provides girls and boys aged 10 to 24 with information about their rights, links to useful services and free telephone support. Young people also discuss issues that concern them. Sessions organized at school teach them how to strengthen their digital skills and deal with the dangers of Internet. Plan International promotes the use of this platform and its app to young people on television and radio. On radio broadcasts, various speakers, such as specialists and politicians from the region, answer their questions. Young people are also campaigning to influence local policies.

We encourage girls to make their voices and opinions heard. Together, we can support young activists to have influence to advance equality. Because a fairer world depends on respect for the rights of girls.
Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, CEO of Plan International

Our commitment

We are convinced that each company today must share a positive message and commit to values that they hold dear. This is why we have chosen to donate 5€ for each order on our website to recognized associations such as Plan International. In addition, we have decided to donate 10% of our annual profits to the three associations we support.

We also encourage you to support Plan International and their actions. If you want to know more about their projects, we invite you to go to their website: