Why support "Fondation des Femmes"?

The "Fondation des Femmes" is the first French fundraising structure dedicated to funding priority actions in support of women.

Their goal : to finally give themselves the means to fight effectively against violence and for gender equality. Their missions are diverse and numerous and range from the defense of women's rights, to their protection in the event of violence, to their health, to their economic development and to professional equality.

It is not the women who are fragile, it is their rights.

Why such a Foundation?

At the end of 2014, while violence against women and inequalities stagnated, women continued to suffer gender-based violence in the public sphere and especially in the private sphere. In France, every two and a half days a woman dies under the blows of her spouse, or ex-companion. Every 4 minutes a woman is raped by a man.

There is therefore no general public fundraising structure capable of raising funds to develop and support actions in favor of women's rights. Different associations are sounding the alarm: where is the money for women's rights?

The "Fondation des Femmes" was then created. It sets up campaigns to collect funds which are then allocated to high-potential projects that act on the ground in favor of gender equality and against violence against women.

Urgently rehousing women who are fleeing their violent partners

During the first lockdown in spring 2021, domestic violence did not stop. They got worse and it was difficult for women to call for help when confined with their abuser. This is why for several months, the "Fondation des Femmes" has been working on all fronts to help women victims of violence.

Thousands of women are helped or rehoused in secure places managed by specialized associations. Even today, associations are redoubling their efforts to best help women victims of violence and their children, who find themselves in particularly dangerous situations.

Providing for the basic needs of women in precarious situations

The most precarious women suffer more from the health crisis and reception centers lack space, so it is essential to help them! The "Fondation des Femmes" helps associations in the field to better support them over the long term so that they regain economic stability and continue to live with dignity.

Having few resources, the centers which accommodate the most precarious women are suffering from the health crisis and are exhausting their reserves. Indeed, many specialized accommodation centers for women benefited from food collections that can no longer be provided by volunteers during this period of confinement. It appeared essential for the Women's Foundation to help them so that women can continue to eat and live in dignity while remaining safe and respecting the measures linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

Listening and guiding women who need help

Because being able to call for help is the first step for a woman victim of violence, maintaining and developing listening and guidance tools has always been one of the priority missions of the "Fondation des Femmes". In this period of pandemic, listening and counseling associations no longer respond because the risk of contamination has forced them to switch to homeworking. 

The "Fondation des Femmes" finances the purchase of the equipment necessary for the good continuity of the activity of these specialized associations. At the same time, the Foundation is forming partnerships with manufacturers to distribute computer equipment free of charge to associations in need.

No woman who calls for help should go unanswered!

Our commitment

We are convinced that each company today must share a positive message and commit to values that they hold dear. This is why we have chosen to donate 5€ for each order on our website to recognized associations such as "Fondation des Femmes".

In addition, we have decided to donate 10% of our annual profits to the three associations we support.We also encourage you to support "Fondation des Femmes" and their actions. If you want to know more about their projects, we invite you to go to their website: