Because you can never have enough jewelry ...

Since today we pay special attention to committed brands, we wanted to present our selection of jewelry brands with a strong commitment.

1. Aroz Jewelry

To begin with, one of our favorite brands and, moreover, from Brussels. This is obviously the Aroz brand. Aroz is a family affair, the Sole sisters, passionate about gri-gri and captivated by all that glitters, decided to launch their brand more than 7 years ago! In addition to offering quality jewelry, the brand offers a "second life" service, in order to reduce the environmental impact. Aroz is committed to restoring shine to your jewels by plunging them back into a bath of 24k gold. It is also a committed brand, as we could see during the month of pink October, with a necklace created especially for the occasion where of each piece of jewelry sold € 20 was donated to the Think Pink association. A brand committed to follow closely!

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2. Grain de sable

Sunny creations that smell of hot sand and that will make you want to stroll on the beaches of Bali? The Grain de sable brand has everything to make you travel! Their creations are the meeting of natural materials, shells, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones ... with 3 micron gold-plated finishes. Small novelty, the brand released a collection of equally beautiful swimsuits. The little extra of this collection? For each swimsuit made, the manufacturer donates 10% to the R.O.L.E Foundation association in Bali, which sets up ecological awareness programs and works for the protection and cleaning of the oceans. In addition, the brand has adopted "slow fashion" since its inception, meaning that they rely on reasoned and responsible production where small quantities are preferred
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3. Elise Tsikis
Elise makes jewelry that calls for poetry. Inspired by art, she creates timeless pieces that convey emotions. She likes to work on imperfections, irregular, rough. When she sculpts, the material is shaped under her fingers and the piece is born. In addition to making innovative and surprising collections, the brand carries human values ​​by establishing a more suitable production time, with the use of gold that respects working conditions and the environment. Élise does not stop there, she also has a serious commitment to women and donates 2% of each of her sales to the Fondation des Femmes association.

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4. Osowa

then we wanted to share with you a Belgian fine jewelry brand that remains affordable. How is it possible ? By eliminating intermediaries as much as possible by favoring the short circuit, they thus make savings which are felt in the price of their products. They put quality at the center of their production with durable materials such as solid 14k gold, golden vermeil and fine silver. The brand also works with laboratory diamonds and cubic zirconia. They thus create timeless and elegant quality jewelry to accompany us all our life!

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5. Kimaï
Spotlight on thanks to Meghan Markel, Kimaï, a young brand from Antwerp, has entered the fine jewelry sector. The designers, frustrated by the lack of transparency in the diamond industry, created their brand with the goal of cutting out the middleman and using lab-grown diamonds as well as 100% recycled 18k gold. Kimaï in addition to being a brand that cares about the environment and working conditions, is a brand committed to women. For International Women's Day, the brand is partnering with the charity CAMFED to secure a future for the most excluded young women in sub-Saharan Africa. Thus, for each Memory bracelet purchased in March, the brand donates 20% of their profits to CAMFED. So we fall for it?

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