- What are the dimensions of Amalys watches?

 - Is my watch shock resistant?

Our watches are made from 316L stainless steel, the strongest material available to ensure your watch will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Where other brands offer brass or alloy watches, we choose stainless steel to ensure your watch will stand the test of time. The watch glass is a flat mineral glass that gives a perfect shine to the dial, which enhances the reading quality and comfort of your watch on your wrist. 

- Is my watch waterproof?

All our watches have a water resistance of 3 ATM. Excessive contact with water can cause permanent damage to your watch. Avoid wearing your watch in the shower, while swimming or diving. More generally, Amalys advises you against putting your watch in contact with water in order to preserve it as much as possible. 

- What type of movement are the watches equipped with?

All our watches have a high quality Seiko movement with two hands. Founded in 1881, Seiko is the world's leading manufacturer of quality watch movements. 

- My watch has stopped, what should I do?

It is possible that the battery in your watch is flat. If this is the case, we invite you to go to any watchmaker who will be able to replace the battery. We recommend that you go to an official Amalys retailer for the best service, you can find the retailer nearest you HERE 

- Which interchangeable bracelets fit my watch?

It all depends on the watch you have or want: 

- Watches from the Hepburn and Parks collections can be combined with the 14mm wide straps, which you can find HERE

- Watches from the Kelly, Baker, Jane and Jackie collections can be combined with the 16mm wide bracelets, which you can find HERE

 - How to adjust the size of the bracelet?

Our steel bracelets are adjustable by means of a slide system. A tool in your case will allow you to lift this slide and place it where you want it to fit.

 - How do I change my bracelet?

All our bracelets are very easy to change thanks to a system called "push-pin". No tools are required, so you can replace your bracelet yourself in just a few seconds. You will find an explanatory video by following this link: Here

 - What is the material of the leather straps?

The majority of our bracelets are made of genuine Italian leather. As leather is an organic material, bracelets can vary in grain and texture. Changes in colour due to regular use and the passage of time are part of the natural evolution of good quality leather.