Amalys : un nom du Grec ancien – un nom qui incarne la femme ambitieuse et passionnée d’aujourd’hui.

Chez Amalys, nous célébrons les femmes d'aujourd'hui, intrépides et ambitieuses qui vivent avec passion chaque aspect de leur vie.

Découvrez ici notre histoire, nos valeurs et nos inspirations derrière chaque collection.

Notre univers

Welcome to Amalys, a world of refinement and feminine elegance, where classic design meets modernity in style. By combining timeless and contemporary influences, we create detailed crafted timepieces for the modern women of ­today, chasing their dreams and striving to ­accomplish themselves on a daily basis.

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Nos inspirations

Our main mission is to create quality timeless watches, which reflect the ideals we are committed to fight for. We pay special care to the selection of raw materials and production partners. Suppliers who care about the working conditions of their employees and who respect the highest quality standards.

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